• Registration platforms

Registration platforms

With ASCIMA, through your own portal you can:

  • Register your repairs around the clock
  • Follow your repairs submitted at any time via track & trace
  • Consult and print documents such as order forms, shuttle dispatch lists, quotations and diagnostic reports online
  • View quotations including photos of damage
  • Compile and export reports on your repairs

Self-service via Dr Mobile Online

Integrate our self-service platform Dr Mobile Online into your website. Your customers can then, from any location, register themselves a device that no longer works for repair. Your customers also choose online the logistics concept that suits them best. Thus they can, for instance, send in the device themselves through a logistic partner of their choice; or drop it off at a delivery point (such as Kiala or DPD PUDO point). It is also possible, through our partner Dynalogic, to collect devices and send them back at a time and place of their choice –for instance in the in 4-hour timeframes, in the evening or at weekends.

Dr Mobile in your store

There are several customers in your store, and unfortunately you can only serve one at a time. In that case, our self-service kiosk offers your customers the opportunity to register repairs with us themselves in store. Through Dr Mobile, our kiosk also offers instructions that fully enable your customers to describe what’s wrong with their device. They simply register their device for repair following a few straightforward steps. That means you save vital time, and your customers receive a quicker service.