• Dynafix


Dynafix was founded in 1996 and is a specialist in service management for the telecoms sector (DECT, car kits, mobile telephony). Nowadays, Dynafix repairs almost every personal electronics brand, such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, cameras, LDC and coffee machines.

We do this for private individuals and business customers.

“Rendering Services Beyond Client Expectations” is the point of departure here. For everything we do for customers. This way of working and thinking is deeply anchored in the people working for us, as well as in developing our innovative One-Stop-Shop service models.  

We offer our customers one central contact point for all of the various services with which we help them create unequalled customer experiences.

We hereby skilfully utilise the strength, knowledge and experience of more than 900 colleagues working within the various components of our parent company, DynaGroup.