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Dynafix wins prestigious Samsung Award for ‘Best Overall Performer 2016’

Dynafix, specialist in the repair of products essential for everyone like mobile phones and tablets, has won the Samsung Award for ‘Best Overall Performer’ last Thursday 16th of June in the Samsung Executive Briefing Center. Dick Wammes, Managing Director DynaGroup and Roger Janssen, General Manager Dynafix received this prestigious award for the quality and innovation Dynafix offers as a partner from Daan van der Mijden, Director Customer Service Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V. 


Every year Samsung organizes a Service Conference in the spirit of actual themes in the area of premium support, cooperation, looking back and looking forward. During this Service Conference also three awards are awarded to partners who are nominated in the area of performance and innovation. The most important award for ‘Best Overall Performer 2016’ this year was won by Dynafix. This, because Dynafix is a partner on all fronts and overall they have added the most value in recent years according to Daan van der Mijden, Director Customer Service Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V. “Dynafix has won this price fellow to her tight-led organization within which the right focus lies on reliable and predictable quality and speed. Dynafix delivers consistent performance and thinks along in the improvement of her services and the improvement of the whole chain. Important in this is the capacity of Dynafix to take over large volumes in several places within the chain and providing in innovative solutions to come closer to the consumer by among other things the online DrMobile platform, and same- and next-day logistics services.”, says Daan van der Mijden, during his speech.

“Dynafix is honored and very proud to win this Overall award after the cooperation with Samsung has started 13 years ago. With both ups and downs during this long trip the most important conclusion is that together, with Samsung, Dynafix and all other partners (like quick logistics platforms Dynalogic) we have succeeded to optimize the service processes and to communicate in an open and transparent way with each other and with the consumer. This mutual understanding for each other’s views and thrust are the heart of the matter, now but more important in the future. The world is changing rapidly from traditional retail to online. We live in a time where changes take place rapidly and together we have the challenge to shape that change and create a new way of service. We must not only be able to respond to these changes but also to take over the volumes of others, that are not able to make the switch to the online world of the future. Together we want to be a role model for others by pushing the service-boundaries, by taking initiative, innovate continuously, are willing to invest and able to implement quickly. By our transparent cooperation with Samsung we can switch quickly.”, says Dick Wammes, Managing Director DynaGroup.